The personal touch of MGI Recruitment

Moving to a new country is always a daunting experience but at MGI Recruitment we make it as easy as possible for you. We’ve been placing candidates all over Europe for many years and can help prepare you for every eventuality of moving abroad.

Your own personal consultant is here to help and will work closely with you to make sure you find your ideal position. And then once they’ve done that, they’ll help you find somewhere to live too.

We find the position that fits your skills

It’s not just our candidates that we work closely with. We’ve built up relationships with our clients over the years, which means we understand exactly what they look for when trying to fill a position. This makes it easy for us to quickly identify which roles are best suited to your own individual skills, and to help get you an interview as soon as possible.

We’re with you every step of the way

Once you’ve secured your position we still want to help. Your personal consultant will stay in contact to make sure you’re settling into your new environment without any problems and to help with any issues your may come across. Of course if there’s anything you’re particularly enjoying about your new environment, we’d like to hear about that too.

Candidate Testimonials

MGI Recruitment helped me to succeed in applying for a position in Poland and I am very pleased with the service they offered me. Their recruiter, Corbmac, is very kind and professional and he helped me greatly to feel ready for the interview. He was available for questions and doubts, and gave me everything I needed to succeed. I highly recommend him and MGI Recruitment!

Ms. A. Ugas (Italian Booking Agent)

Corbmac from MGI Recruitment helped me through the process of joining a new company in Germany and facilitated the smooth transition. He is a credit to the recruiting world. Thank you MGI Recruitment!

Mr. B. Brown (English Customer Service)

Corbmac helped me through MGI recruitment to find a job in Berlin. He was very professional-minded, compliant, and motivated to assist me during the process. His concerns and willingness have no limits. Thank you once again, Corbmac, for expanding my career abroad. I am very glad that I found a decent and exciting work in my favourite European city.

Ms. M. Vermeersch (Dutch Sales Executive)

MGI Recruitment helped me through my interview process with a company in Greece. Their recruiter, Corbmac, is the main reason that I could get the job very quickly. With his help, I knew what to say and how to express myself during the interview. He was there for me whenever I wanted and he just answered any of my questions just to make me ready for the job. MGI Recruitment provided an excellent service, thank you!

Mr. Y. Topac (Turkish Technical Support)

MGI Recruitment is very professional! Their recruiter, Corbmac, is far as I could see and understand a very good team player. MGI Recruitment is definitely oriented for best results, detail-oriented’ and what I appreciated the most is that my recruiter always delivered feedback during the recruiting process. Thanks MGI, you do a really great job!

Mr. G. Ranoiu (German Customer Service)

MGI Recruitment helped me secure a job in Portugal, in just over a week.
The recruiter’s professionalism, support and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that the recruitment process was an enjoyable experience, and to deliver on his word, was evident throughout.
Corbmac is, without a doubt, the most efficient, responsive and friendly recruiter that I have worked with. Him and MGI Recruitment fully deserves my highest commendation for his service and assistance.

Mr. L. Foged (Danish Customer Service)

For the last ten months I tried different recruitment agencies in search of a job. None of them assisted me and offered me different options like MGI Recruitment (and especially Beatriz). Beatriz treats each candidate as a friend and proves that she wants to help them find the job that they deserve. In this case, she always called me, emailing me every day to confirm and explain the steps which I should take and always had great feedback for me.

Even after I started to work in my new job MGI continued to get feedback from me about the work conditions and whether or not I was happy.

I would thank MGI recruitment for hiring and giving the chance to people like Beatriz so she could provide her assistance to people from all over the world.

Mr. T. Benzy (Arabic Technical Support)

I found MGI Recruitment and they helped find a job in a very short time. During the recruitment they made me feel very secure during every step. They provided me with the information and help needed as also gave me a sense of security, believing in me, and making me feel very calm and confident during the procedure. The information and the help they provided in real time was on point.

I now found myself in my new career, working already, and the agent who helped me during the process still makes contact and talks about how things are going.

In conclusion, MGI Recruitment was not only very professional and helped a lot during the hiring process but well they do care about how you are feeling as well. I am really glad that I found MGI Recruitment.

Mr. D. Ferreira (Portuguese Customer Service)

I would like to say thank you to Ana Diaz and MGI Recruitment for their professionalism, high level of support, and best quality. MGI Recruitment supported me during the whole process of being hired for a new job. I’d recommend MGI to everybody out there and to send them your CV.
I am fully satisfied with them and I think everybody else would be. Ana is the best professional that I ever got in touch with.

Mr. U. Ariu (Italian Customer Service)

My experience with MGI Recruitment has been outstanding. I received great service and support and everything I needed to get settled abroad. I’ve never had a better job and my colleagues and Belfast itself are even better than I could have hoped for. I have even signed up for management training to further my career here. Thanks MGI Recruitment for helping me get this job.

Mr. V (Swedish Customer Service)

Once I had uploaded my CV to MGI Recruitment, my recruitment consultant got in touch with me and helped me with every stage of the recruitment process. I really like my new job and I couldn’t ask for better people to work with. I’m really happy I worked with MGI Recruitment and I have already recommended them to many of my friends.

Ms. G (German Technical Support)

When MGI Recruitment called I had turned down several job offers. My recruiter’s personable and sympathetic approach convinced me to take him up on MGI Recruitment’s offer. Throughout the hiring process, he made sure to always keep in touch, and even helped me prepare for the job interview. His trust in me helped to build up my confidence. Now I have landed a job with a large multinational company with many opportunities for the future, and some great colleagues. I have started a new life!

Mr. A (German Customer Service)

MGI Recruitment got me into my current role in London in summer of this year, I can say it was a truly a pleasant process. MGI Recruitment clearly communicated all the specifics of the role and I had all the info I needed to pitch myself correctly at interview time.

My recruiter made herself available to me at all times during the process, calling me back promptly when I had to leave her a voicemail. In negotiation for my final package she tirelessly worked between myself and my future employer to get the package agreed by us both. I would recommend using MGI Recruitment to anyone in future.

Mr. M Thornton (English Customer Service)

From day one my recruiter offered me her support and she gave me all the information about the job description, the relocation and about the employer.

She kept in touch with me all the time during the recruitment process and also after I started the work at my new position.

GI Recruitment offered me their support for any questions that I had. I’m happy that I worked with such a great recruitment agency.

Ms. A. Cojocaru (German Customer Service)

MGI Recruitment helped me a lot with precious advice and motivated me along the way. This is the main reason why I got this job. Thank you very much for that!
I proudly say that MGI Recruitment was the helpful hand I needed to make a change for the better in my career. I would gladly recommend MGI Recruitment to everyone who wants to make a change in their career and life.

Without your motivation and help I wouldn’t be a satisfied employee today!

Ms. S. Helga (German Customer Service)

As I come from Santiago in Chile I needed some assistance finding a job in Europe.

For this, I contacted MGI Recruitment which got me the job in a French multinational company that I am currently working in today.

MGI helped me throughout the process and have been a real support in difficult times.

They are a counterpart which helps you make better decisions in addition to acting as a guide in a new reality and something unknown and foreign.

A relationship of trust is formed and future is built.

Mr. S. Irarrázaval (Spanish Customer Service)

I was contacted by Beatriz in MGI Recruitment and from the beginning she was a very professional and a very kind person. I can affirm that I’ve never seen this kind of attention in a recruitment process and she explained the whole process step by step. She got in touch with me explain these steps and prepared me for which interview.

She always kept me informed about the status and feedback of my process and even after I was hired she contacted me to see if everything was okay as agreed in contract.

I have no complaints, just compliments to her. I really appreciate her job and I would recommend her and MGI’s services for friends of mine. Thank you very much for everything Beatriz, you are an amazing professional!

Mr. C. Matei (French Technical Support)

MGI Recruitment, with the assistance of Beatriz, helped me lot to get a job with a company in Greece. I was hired result of a successful interview by phone and skype which was prepared and arranged by MGI Recruitment. I have finished the training session and already started working here. Beatriz in MGI was the most important part of my hiring process and I think she is a great professional. Thank you!

Mr. D. Bazetto (Portuguese IT)