As one of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal has a wealth of culture to share with anyone who visits. Far from stuck in the past, with some of Europe’s most famous bars and restaurants, surf spots that rival that of our Australian counterparts and an economy that is growing stronger every day, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Lisbon embodies the culture of Portugal, fast paced but relaxed approach, modern social scene but anchored in tradition, Portugal offers you one of the most well rounded European experiences.

So how expensive is it to live here?

Some staple costs are: Milk – 0.68 € |Loaf White Bread – 1 € |Cappuccino – 3.21 €
Restaurant costs: Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant – 10 €
Transportation costs: Monthly Pass – 39 €
Lifestyle costs: Fitness Club, Monthly Fee – 42 € |Cinema – 6 €
Nightlife costs: 1 cocktail – 8 € |Beer – 2.20 €
Rent costs: Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre – 350 €
Utility costs: Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for Average Apartment – 74€

Compared to other European countries the cost of living here is very reasonable and allows our successful candidates to reinvest their hard earned euros into Portuguese experiences. Most of our past candidates have immersed themselves into the surf culture, taking the adrenaline busting waves Portugal has to offer, others have traveled the coast of Portugal exploring the beautiful, exotic coastline and all have embraced the inclusive social scene across all cities.

Why not check out some of the benefits these successful candidates have received from our client’s in Portugal:

  • A competitive salary, allowing you to enjoy your time in Portugal comfortably
  • 14 salaries per year
  • Free accommodation in one of our client’s company apartments, an option that can reduce stress of apartment searching upon arrival or
  • Free accommodation for one or three months – Depending on employer and your language
  • Flights and all airport transfers are covered by your employer, making your initial move as easy as possible – depending on employer
  • Free annual flights home provided to ensure you are home for the moments that matter – depending on employer
  • Monthly transport benefit
  • Meal allowance pay in card (free in taxes) – approximately 6.83€/day
  • Free training provided for all employees, meaning you are constantly learning new skills throughout your contract in Portugal
  • Every successful candidate receives free health care after just 6 months depending on employer
  • All our roles in Portugal provide our candidates with a clear career progression plan, that allows you to track and monitor your progress
  • A great work/life balance is also a key factor to note, sociable work hours allow you time to embrace the Portuguese way of life in your spare time!

Why not check out what jobs are available in Portugal below or read some of our past candidates stories

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