I’m already spending my free time with them..:) And Brno is a fantastic city….

At mgi recruitment we always want to know our candidates thoughts relating to relocation and switching jobs. We understand that the thoughts of relocating can be daunting and that is why it sometimes seems easier to stick with what you are familiar with. After reading some of our candidate’s blogs and doing some research online I discovered this article and felt it was a good insight into the dilemmas people suffer when they first admit that they need to move jobs. This article also provides a good solution on helping you decided what option to take.

I’m having trouble deciding whether to change jobs. For a number of years, I have worked for a small local company. I can walk to work and go home for lunch, which is a great lifestyle benefit. The pay is fair, but there is no room for advancement, and the business owners are greedy, arrogant people.

After looking for other opportunities, I have finally found a position that interests me. This job would provide a better compensation package and more career potential, but the downside is that I would have to travel 30 percent of the time.

I’m hesitant about leaving my current job, but I also think a change might be healthy. My crystal ball just isn’t working, so I would welcome any suggestions.

ANSWER: Choosing between two alternatives with different benefits inevitably creates a psychological dilemma. Selecting one means giving up the advantages of the other, so people often have a hard time with these choices. On a small scale, it’s like deciding whether to have the creamy chocolate cake or the sensible fruit plate for dessert. Either way, you gain something and you lose something.

To help structure your decision-making, try this simple exercise. First, make a comprehensive list of all the factors important to you in a job, such as pay, interesting work, competent management, etc. Give added weight to any that are especially critical. For each position, rate these factors on a 1-to-5 scale, and then compare the scores.

Viewing the ratings side-by-side should give you a better idea of how these two jobs stack up. Ultimately, however, you will need to take a leap of faith and choose the path that appears headed towards the most desirable future.

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

After speaking with a client who suffered the same dilemmas as this lady above, we decided to test this strategy on one of our candidates, Gwen. It helped her to decide on which decision to go with and so she then chose to relocate with mgi recruitment – you can read her experience below;

Rajesh contacted me 5 minutes after I uploaded my CV on mgi recruitment; it was really nice to talk with him. He introduced himself and explained to me all the important things and answered all my questions regarding the new job in Infosys and he always contacted me as soon as he had some new information.

I like my new job, it’s a new challenge for me and my colleagues are gorgeous. I’m already spending my free time with them..:) And Brno is a fantastic city.

For me it was definitely a good decision to work with mgi recruitment and if some of my friends would like to work in a foreign country I would recommend mgi recruitment!