Msida, a cheerful village located west of Valletta on the northeast coast of Malta. The discrete harbor town enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry, sunny summers and short, cool winters. But do not be fooled by the small population of 8.545 habitants; its nightlife can be wild!

Being a typical student town due to the presence of the big and traditional University of Malta, Msida is populated by young and joyful people from everywhere on the world. The University, which was founded in 1769 and offers as many courses as undergraduate bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate master’s degrees and postgraduate doctorates (PhD), has a body of 11,500 students including 750 international students from 82 countries, following full-time or part-time degree and diploma courses. The university also hosts Erasmus and many other exchange students. Another major school, known as the Junior College, is on the other side of the town. Msida also hosts the Mater Dei General Hospital in its outskirts.

We guarantee you will not feel an outsider there, wherever you are from. Due to the influences of many different societies, Msida is one of the most cosmopolitan islands on Europe. The naturally friendly people that founded the town embraced and embodied traditional parts of costumes from all around the world. A Semitic influence from 500 BC and British influence from 1800 and all the absorbed traditions from interactions with other populations in between are still present and alive today.

Discover this lively and rich society. Everyday can be a new adventure full of history. Come to live where everyone else can only spend holidays. Send us your CV and start packing!